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Laughable Best Match Video From HomeAway

In my opinion this sort of sums up Homeaway  – A badly made video – badly trying to be funny (why?) –

A multi billion dollar company, a five dollar video (oh look, Bob’s in the photocopier room, that’s just hilarious).

Anyway, this video is meant to explain best match to owners and managers.

Bob walks us through the 7 points of best match – Sorry “Bob” but best match equates to “Max profit for HA” –

Number one sort criteria – Number of service fees collected…

In summary, here’s how Homeaway (in their own words) operate “best match”.

1. Number of online bookings
2. Views to contract rate
3. Price
4. Images
5. Acceptance rate
6. Responsiveness
7. Reviews

So NO mention of metallic subscription rates even though HA sold them to owners.