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Vacation rental styling expert Mercedes Brennan      By Mercedes Brennan 


When temperatures drop, the low to non-existent bookings season begins for many vacation rental properties. It’s winter and people like to stay at home and drink tea and putter.

There are two approaches to this scenario:

1) You accept that bookings are thin and take a break from the short-term rental business.


2) You think outside the box and brainstorm how to attract people to booking your place when they otherwise wouldn’t.

This is when the Danish concept of ‘hygge’ (pronounced hoo-ga), otherwise known as ‘coziness’ can be taken advantage of.

3 ways to stage your holiday let for ‘hygge’ that guests will not be able to resist.

  1. Candles

Whether they’re the real thing or battery-powered, candles in your vacation rental photos are key for maximum hygge. They add a warm glow of ‘everything’s all right with the world’ to a room. Putting a cluster of candles in a fireplace or on a mantle or shelf will wake up potential guests’ senses and make them take notice.

  1. Stage the bedroom so it looks relaxed and beckoning.

Make the bed so bedding looks relaxed and alluring. Avoid the tucked-in, hospital-corners look. People like to hang out in bed in the winter. Allow them to see that you deliver.

  1. Show off loads of books

When it’s cold outside, people do more reading. Show off your books in your photos. A bookshelf photo or (my favorite) an open book on a sofa look great.

Staging for winter bookings is all about creating a narrative in your photos. If guests understand on a primal level that they have a winter retreat in which to spend time, they will want to book your place.


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